Days Out: Peel Beach

Winter has been long this year, very long indeed. It feels like we’ve had more wet rainy days than lovely crisp sunny winter ones. So when we woke up on Tuesday and it was bright and sunny, if a little chilly, I decided to grab the opportunity and tick our first beach off the list. Many, many layers of clothes later, I slipped the boy’s wellies on and off we went.

We have enjoyed many walks along Peel promenade during the past year, but I’d not been brave enough to actually take the boy into the beach. I could see it going one of two ways: 1) his previous fear of grass would be transferred to sand and he would refuse to be anywhere near it, cry and others would wonder why I was torturing the poor boy; or 2) he would eat the sand.

How wrong I was. Straight away he was toddling along holding my hand and all I could hear were little squeals of enjoyment. Being the middle of winter, the beach was almost empty apart from a few dog walkers, so I asked if he wanted to let go of Mummy’s hand. And he was off! There’s an innate joy in watching your child having a wonderful, fun time. I couldn’t help but smile as I watched him run in every direction, stopping to look at stones and shells in the sand.

Peel beach is beautiful in the summer, with lovely white sand and beautiful views across to Peel Castle in one direction and up to the headlands in the other, and I was really surprised what a fun time we had even in winter. The boy found his first shell that we kept to remember the day by and decided he had no fear as he ran toward the rough winter waves. Of course, as toddlers do, he fell a few times and ended up rather wet and sandy, but it was worth it to see the pure joy in his face.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip out, and proves to me that the beach isn’t just for the summer. I can’t wait to go down there again and continue exploring more beaches around the Isle of Man.

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