An Exciting Announcement

When we moved to the Isle of Man I was very anxious about getting our son to baby groups and meeting new people, but I didn’t know where to start. Then someone recommended picking up a copy of Family Manx magazine next time I was out. 

I’d never heard of Family Manx, but a few days later I spotted it in Shoprite and thought I might as well take one. I had a look through it that evening and felt relief wash over me. Pages of listings of baby groups right at my fingertips. Here was all the information I’d been looking for.

Nine months later, I’m very excited to announce that The Improving Mum is going to be working with Family Manx. Starting with the November-December issue, I will be writing an article about my experiences parenting in the Isle of Man – the good, the bad and the differences compared with parenting in the UK. 

I hope you will enjoy the feature, and find a lot of other useful information in Family Manx magazine. I’m really looking forward to contributing to this brilliant resource for the Isle of Man and hope I can help to spread the word to more new Mothers and new Islanders. 

You can find out more about Family Manx, see the What’s On listings and read the latest issue on their website or find them on Facebook

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