#Blogtober17 Day Three: Car

When we found out I was pregnant, one of the first things my husband did was start looking for a new car. We found out I was pregnant on 19th November and we picked up our new car over Christmas. Previously, we had a lovely little Ford Fiesta, which we both really liked. It was the first car we bought together and was only about three years old, but we couldn’t face trying to lug a car seat and baby in and out of a three door car.

We decided to stay with the Ford brand because our Fiesta had been so reliable and lovely to drive, but upgraded to a new five door Focus. I found it felt a lot bigger than the Fiesta, and I still find it difficult to tell how far away I am from a wall when reversing almost two years on, but overall it’s a nice car.

Having the five doors is definitely a bonus when trying to get a baby and a car seat in and out of it most days. That has definitely been worthwhile changing the car for. As always, the good old Ford is incredibly reliable, costs little to run and is a pleasure to drive.

The only disappointment I have had is when we tried to put our Graco Milestone car seat in as rear-facing. Considering the Ford Focus is one of the most popular family cars, I was very frustrated that the seat belts weren’t long enough to fit the car seat rear facing. Luckily the boy was heavy and big enough to go forward facing, but if not we would have been very upset having spent quite a lot of money on a good quality car seat.


6 thoughts on “#Blogtober17 Day Three: Car

  1. Good job you found a way to make it fit! When I put little man’s car seat in rear facing the seat belt just fits. Also the passenger seat has to go so far forward there’s hardly any leg room! I’ll be glad when he can turn front facing!

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