A Year Since Our Lives Changed Forever

19th November 2015. A day that changed our lives. Or so we thought. We found out I was pregnant. Husband’s first comment was “I better re-grout the shower then”. I still have no idea why that was relevant.
10th August 2016. The day our lives truly changed. At 6:20pm our gorgeous boy was born with the cord wrapped twice around his neck, needing help via ventouse and after a scary shoulder dystocia.

At 6:21pm I asked if he was ok and was told they were just giving him a bit of help, it was all fine.

At 6:22pm I asked, again, if he was ok and why he wasn’t crying. They told me they were “doing everything they can”.

For another three long minutes we waited. I honestly thought we weren’t taking our boy home.


I will never forget that feeling that he wouldn’t be coming home with us. I can’t imagine the absolute excruciating pain for parents who lose their babies. Every single day I feel so lucky to have my boy.

After the longest five minutes of my life, a cry. The best noise I have ever heard. Our boy was alive.


I will never


I can’t believe it’s been an entire year. I can’t believe our baby is a little boy already. I can’t believe how amazing he is and how lucky we are.

So, this post is for  our smiley, loving, gorgeous ray of sunshine. Thank you, my darling, for making our lives exponentially better every single day. Thank you for making us smile, laugh, and feel like the luckiest people in the world to have you in our lives.

I can’t imagine what the next year will hold, but I do know I can’t wait to find out. I am so unbelievably proud to call you my son.

Happy 1st Birthday, Baby Bear. Mummy and Daddy love you more than anything in the world xxxx

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