Dear Son, Sometimes You Drive Me Crazy

Dear 11 month old son,

Today you have driven me insane. You refused to nap, even though you were exhausted. Mummy desperately needed a rest too, but you had other ideas.

Instead, you pulled every single nappy sack out of the packet. All 100 of them. You pulled all the clean clothes I had just folded off the sofa and strew them all over the lounge. You got every single toy out but refused to play with any of them. 

If I have moved you away from the TV stand and stopped you pulling all the wires out once today, I have done it at least fifty times. Every time I say no, you grin and laugh. Every time I move you away, you go straight back over.

I am tired. No, I am exhausted. My patience is waning. I am counting down the seconds until Daddy gets home.

Today was hard. 

And yet I still cherished today, like I cherish every single day with you. I still feel so lucky to have you. You make our lives so much better just by being here, even on days like today. 

You look so peaceful as you (finally) sleep. Tomorrow is another day. 

All my love, forever, Baby Bear. 

From Mummy xxxx

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